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Pub Stops of Sheffield, 2019

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author: JJM Designs
published: 2019
pages: 1
size: 70 x 50 cm
language: English
product ref: 2934


This is the latest edition of the Pub Stops of Sheffield - a pub poster showing the location of the many pubs in Sheffield and the routes between them.

At an approx. count nearly 350 pubs are listed on the poster. On the water side the rivers Don, Sheaf, Loxley and the Sheffield & Tinsley are shown.

The various pub-to-pub routes are the same as the previous editions and most of the pubs are the same though inevitably pubs get shut and some just change their names.

This edition has a bit more space to show the pubs and routes due to not having the Thornbridge Brewery beer emblems on the unsponsored latest edition.


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