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Cain's Special Ales

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published: 1921 (original advert); card repro 2008
size: 13 x 18cm; (5 x 7 in)
language: English
brewery: Robert Cain
product ref: 1883


Cain's Brewery Christmas advert from 1921 reproduced as Greeting Card with a beery flavour.
There is no message inside so the card can be used either as an ordinary greeting card or as a Xmas Card; it comes complete with envelope.
The picture shows a horse-drawn dray loaded with beer barrels with a traditional Father Christmas driving the dray holding aloft a foaming glass of Cains Special, all in front of the magnificent Robert Cain's brewery in Stanhope St,Liverpool.
Cain's brewery merged with Peter Walker and became Walker, Cain and the Stanhope St brewery was then occupied by Higson's until they were closed by Whitbread. Eventually brewing returned here with a new Cain's Brewery.


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