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Taylor's - Havercake Ale, A4 Poster

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published: 2002
size: A4 (~ 8in x 12in)
language: English
brewery: Timothy Taylor & Co, Keighley
product ref: 1806


Original brewery beer advertising poster from the independent Yorkshire brewery of Timothy Taylor & Co.

The advert is for their "Havercake Ale" - "a robust Yorkshire ale (abv 4.7%)..." which was first brewed in 2002 to celebrate the tercentenary of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, which for over 250 years has traditionally recruited its soldiers from the West Riding of Yorkshire.

The advert shows a glass and bottle of Havercake Ale and a beer engine with Havercake Ale pump clip in the background.

The "Havercake" name came from the oatmeal bread cake which used to be a staple food in the Yorkshire Pennines and was reputedly used by the recruiting sergeant to tempt hungry men to join up!

The reverse of the poster describes the beer and its origins and associations and has a good picture (from ~ 1810)of the sergeant recruiting drinkers outside the pub.

Only available in A4 size.


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