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Brasserie de Montbéliard

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author: ?
size: 30 x 20cm / 12in x 8in
language: French
brewery: Br. de Montbéliard
product ref: 1535


Beer sign (medium size) reproducing advert for the Brasserie de Montbéliard of Louis Arlen & Cie. This attractive beer sign shows a typical artists aerial painting of the brewery, complete with inset pictures of the Fermentation Hall (Salle de Fermentation) and the refrigeration plant (Salle des machines Frigorifiques)- with a young waitress traditionally dressed bearing a tray of beers.
The brewery founded at Strasbourg in 1809 and situated in Montbéliard in Eastern France not far from Basle was last recorded in 1910.

Sign in steel with features raised; Embalit coated and with corner fixing holes.


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