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  •  Please Note! We can't use Royal Mail 1st Class for Pub Crawl Heritage posters as their length limit for poster tubes exceeds the Royal Mail limit.
  • --- so we use Hermes for Heritage Pub Crawl posters at their standard < 1Kg rate.
  • New prices:
  • All items to USA using Royal Mail have to use their 'World Zone 3' - the highest prices   
  • The lowest Royal Mail costs are  their International Economy rates - but we believe that they use 'sea mail'(not Airmail for the other Royal Mail options). 6 weeks shipment is alleged.

  • Want to send of 2 or more POSTERS ? - 
  • If you wish to purchase 2 or more of the same poster then the Shipping charge for the 2nd poster will be annulled off-line.
  •  Similarly for multi-item purchases we will reduce (off-line) the actual Shipping cost to equate to the actual P&P costs.
  • Note that the Shipping Charge shown on your order is calculated as the  sum of the individual poster shipping charges - this will then be amended to equate to the actual P&P cost when your order is received.
  • Note that the displayed Shipping charge (for 2 or more posters) will still show as the sum of each shipping charge - the refund to achieve the required Shipping cost is done off-line - it is NOT shown on the website....but the refund will still be actioned on your payment. 


  • Please remember that our normal postal service is Royal Mail 2nd Class service other than for larger posters (> 45cm width) which are sent by Hermes.
  • and the Shipping charges shown on your order form are based on 2nd Class postage costs. [Except for larger width posters where we use Hermes].
  • Note that for larger posters width > 45cm and < 61cm going by Royal Mail Medium Parcel service the postage cost is £5.49 for 2nd class (2023 prices).
  • You can certainly opt for 1st Class postage if you wish but there will be an extra cost for 1st Class postage applicable to your package size/weight.
  • We will advise you of the increase necessary for 1st class postage and we will need to have your acceptance of the extra cost before we can authorise the debit against your Credit/Debit Card.

  • NOTE that if you are paying by PayPal there is unfortunately no option to choose 1st postage on the website. If you want 1st Class then please contact email me to arrange the extra postage cost.
  • SHIPPING CHARGE - POSTERS, POSTCARDS & GREETING CARDS : The Shipping charge shown is the sum of each Shipping charge for each single item (rather than a shipping cost for the total weight/size of all the items on an order).
  • The Shipping figure shown on your Order may be higher than the actual shipping cost and in  these circumstances the Shipping cost charged will be reduced to equate to the true cost of shippping.


Since 1 April 2014 we have added the popular PayPal system to our Shipping Cart on the website. This is an alternative to using your credit/debit cards if you prefer.

If it is necessary for the purchase order price to be lowered or raised (eg if an item is found to be out of stock, or if the shipping charge is too high or too low), then refunds  can be easily made to customer's credit / debit cards or PayPal account.

On the other hand if it is necessary for the order price to be increased then, with customer agreement the amount to be debited against customer Credit/Debit Card will be amended. 

However if customer has chosen PayPal for payment and a price increase is necessary then the original order will have to be cancelled & refunded,  as it is not possible to increase the sum on a PayPal order once it has been placed. In this situation the order price will be refunded to customers PayPal account, and a new order will have to be created for the required increased price.

Please Note - with PayPal it is not possible for an ordered item to be sent to an address other than your PayPal account address. So if for example you want to send a gift to another person's address then use Debit or Credit Card for payment which has this facility to send an item to an address other than your own. 


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