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Guinness Bottlers Labels

This is the latest Guinness book published by David Hughes in August 2020. It comprehensibly covers the vast number of labels produced for bottled Guinness, both by just bottlers and by brewers who bo...

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Breweriana - American Beer Collectibles

This attractive little book describes and illustrates the various breweriana from American breweries in chronological chapters. Starting with the "neighbourhood brewery", then industrialization of the...

A bottle of Guinness, please

sub-titled "The colourful history of Guinness", this is a wonderful piece of history of many aspects of Guinness presented in a most attractive manner.12 chapters full of information about Guinness - ...

A Guide to Collecting Beer Mats

A very welcome comprehensive guide to beer mats. Starts off with a good look at the production process, their marketing utility and sound advice on collecting. The wide variety of mats is examined and...

Beer Signs for the Collector.

Mainly US beer signs plus a few imports in the form of showcards, mirrors, bar displays lanterns etc from the 50's to the 70's. Arranged in A-Z brewery order and estimated values quoted....

Tavern Checks from Liverpool and vicinity.

A serious study of tavern checks from the Liverpool area - their distribution, usage, manufacture plus details where known of the issuing pub, street & landlord. Also 7 pages of bw photos of the check...

Collecting Beer Trays.

Excellent photos of trays from the vast number of breweries that once brewed in the USA. Arranged in State order, details of each tray and chapters on tray manufacturers, identification and value. Pit...