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Eldridge Pope's Dorchester Brewery

Beer Poster - repro of coloured painting of the former Eldridge Pope brewery in Dorchester. Brewery still standing but no longer brewing....

Kidd's Brewery, Dartford,

Reproduction mini-poster of b & w etching of Kidds Brewery in Hythe Street, Dartford. The Brewery was taken over by Courage....

Harvey's Bridge Wharf Brewery

19C artistic painting of Harvey's Brewery in Lewes issued as a beer poster.Brewery was founded in 1790 and re-built in 1881 Original beer advertising poster from Harvey's Brewery. Harvey's are an...

Shepherd Neame Steam Brewery,

Brewery repro of 1865 litho�. Limited stock (remaining copies found after nearly 20 years!) - BUT - they are not pristine condition - slight wear along the long side and small creases in some cor...
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Palmer's - The Old Brewery, Bridport.

Artist aerial view of the Old Brewery at Bridport, Devon.Established in 1794 and acquired by the Palmer family in 1896....