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De-coding the Morses

A short history of the brewing interests of the East Anglian family of Morse whose various members started in Norwich with Morse�s Oak Street Brewery and at Swaffham with the Swaffham Brewery and at...

East Anglian Breweries, A Taste magazine supplemen

Showcases 10 East Anglian brewers who are also open to the public. A supplement to the Taste Magazine - now historical!...

Foxearth Brew

The East Anglian brewery of Ward�s of Foxearth on the Suffolk / Essex border was founded in the 1840s and their enterprising and entrepreneurial family ran the brewery and pub estate successfully un...

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The Story of Biggleswade Brewery.

Started in 1764 with Sam Wells, then Wells & Winch in 1899,and sold to Greene King in 1961 and their changes and subsequent closure ~ 1994. Last copy!!...

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Bedfordshire Barrels - A Directory of Commercial Breweries

A gazetteer of the many breweries, large and small, old and new that exist or have existed in the county over the last 150 years. Includes the largest breweries - J. W. Green of Luton, Wells & Winch o...

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