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Built to Brew

Sub-titled 'The History and Heritage of the Brewery' - this is a magnificent book with a comprehensive scope, clear descriptions, historical references and excellent illustrations - a joy to explore...

250 Years of Whitbread. - B/S

Newspaper-style supplement, describing the brewery empire that Whitbread grew and acquired in Britain....

Country House Brewing in England 1500-1900.

The brewhouse was an essential part of the English country house providing the staple drink of the household. The brewhouses � their location, construction and operation rather than the technicaliti...

Ale, Beer & Brewsters in England - Women's Work in a Changing World, 1300-1600

In medieval England prior to ~1350 most ale was brewed and sold by women; but by 1600 most brewers were men - the book investigates the reasons why this transition occurred ....

The Story of Beer.

simple explanation of beer's history and how it is brewed...

You Brew Good Ale -A History of Small-Scale Brewing

80 bw illus. An extensive survey of "home-brew" breweries in Britain from the monastic brewers, college & country-house brewhouses, publican brewers to today's micro-breweries, including histories &...

Mud, Sweat and Beers

Sub-titled "A Cultural History of Sport and Alcohol", this book examines the changing bond between alcoholic drinks (principally beer) and sport. From the investment/ quasi-ownership of football clubs...