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Manchester Heritage Pub Crawl poster

The latest (2022) edition of the Manchester Pub Crawl poster. Large size (A1) black & white sketches of nearly 140 pubs in Manchester, plus brief notes about 5 of the well known breweries of Manche...

Built to Brew

Sub-titled 'The History and Heritage of the Brewery' - this is a magnificent book with a comprehensive scope, clear descriptions, historical references and excellent illustrations - a joy to explore...

250 Years of Whitbread. - B/S

Newspaper-style supplement, describing the brewery empire that Whitbread grew and acquired in Britain....

Ale, Beer & Brewsters in England - Women's Work in a Changing World, 1300-1600

In medieval England prior to ~1350 most ale was brewed and sold by women; but by 1600 most brewers were men - the book investigates the reasons why this transition occurred. ...

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The Story of Beer.

An attractive booklet from the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association describing the process of making beer and the history of beer. Nicely illustrated too....

You Brew Good Ale -A History of Small-Scale Brewing

80 bw illus. An extensive survey of "home-brew" breweries in Britain from the monastic brewers, college & country-house brewhouses, publican brewers to today's micro-breweries, including histories &...

Mud, Sweat and Beers

Sub-titled "A Cultural History of Sport and Alcohol", this book examines the changing bond between alcoholic drinks (principally beer) and sport. From the investment/ quasi-ownership of football clubs...