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Sheffields Real Heritage Pubs, 4th Edn.

The latest (4th Edition) of this new edition packed with information and photos of ~ 100 pubs. The Pub Listings are grouped by their location (N,S,W,E), followed by Closed Heritage pubs and a secti...

Real Heritage Pubs of the North West

CAMRAs guide to Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest in the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the Isle of Man. The county maps indicate the towns having such pubs...

Real Heritage Pubs of the Midlands

CAMRA's Pub Heritage Group's latest booklet identifying the pubs in the East and West Midlands with pub interiors of Special Historic Interest. The 'Midlands' area covers quite a large number of coun...

Yorkshire's Real Heritage Pubs, 2nd Edn.

Revised edition of this best seller on Pub Interiors of Special Historical Interest in Yorkshire and Humber, first published in 2011. Sadly the losses of such pubs/ interiors have continued despite (o...

Britain's Best Real Heritage Pubs

This is the full ** CAMRA National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors in England, Northern Ireland,Scotland and Wales which now supercedes the small booklist of the CAMRA National Inventory Pubs orig...
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Licensed to Sell, 2nd Edn

Revised edition (2nd Edition) with the sub-title History and Heritage of the Public House - the reference book for this subject. The original edition has been updated and explains the changes affe...

Scotland's True Heritage Pubs

sub-titled "Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest" this little gem opens your eyes to the rich heritage of pub interiors in Scotland - and to the importance of their preservation. Although by vi...

Victorian Pubs.

Yale University Press Edn,(Hardback Edition). One of the classic books on pub architecture, it looks at the rise & fall of the Victorian pub - the buildings, builders, architects & clients and the so...

Pub Exteriors of the 1950s

A collection of sketches of pub exteriors by the late Alan Roulstone and compiled in this booklet by his son Michael Roulstone. The sketches were done in the 1950s and are mainly of pubs in the West C...

Pub Scene

Throw away the floral carpets, the fake horse brasses and the red fabric wall lamps and see some real interior design of pubs that capture the essence of the place. Not just (though mainly Britain), ...

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