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Beer in the Netherlands - 2nd Edn.

The 2nd edition of this comprehensive guide to beers, cafes and breweries of the Netherlands, approx 5 years from the first edition. A PDF Supplement with book updates to March 2022 is available in e...

Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers, 2nd Edn.

New 2nd Edition - 5 years since the 1st edition. Since then the number of specialist beer cafes in Amsterdam have doubled - with 13 now stocking over 100 beers. On the brewing front the Amsterdam brew...

Beer in the Netherlands

Guide to the changing Dutch beer scene - 180+ breweries reviewed, 1000+ Dutch beers and where to drink and buy them. Now superceded by the 2nd Edition - and therefore price reduced....
£13.99 £5.00

Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers (1st Edition)

As the title implies 80 bars/beer cafes/hotels/restaurants/ breweries, even museums who serve good beer are covered - each with a photo or two, an information block and a description of their offering...
£9.95 £5.00

Tromp's Beer Traveller - South West Netherlands and beyond

Selected beer-cafes/pubs and breweries in the coastal strip from Flanders to Hoek van Holland, & tips on hotels, food, transport etc....
£3.50 £2.50