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The World of Guinness

An attractive slim volume from a member of the Guinness family which provides an overview of the world of Guinness. Describes Guinness's origin in 1759, its growth in Dublin, the brewing process, the ...

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The Guinness Story - the Family, the Business, the Black Stuff

Records the history of the Guinness family and brewery and looks at many related topics such as the brewing of Guinness, life at St James Gate, the brewery buildings, transport (incl. ships) - all ill...

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Guinness, 1886-1939 From Incorporation to the Se

A serious business history of this famous Irish brewing company....

Dark and Light The Story of the Guinness Family.

An account of the famous Irish family brewers, bankers, socialites, philanthropists & others . ...

My Guinness Times - My Days in the World's Most Famous Brewery

Guinness from the inside seen for 40 years with a unique perspective, from the unchanged traditions of the 30's to the fast changing late '70s; the working brewery to selling, advertising and the corp...

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