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The Thirsty Dragon

A wide ranging history of beer brewing (and cider & mead making, not forgetting whisky distilling) in Wales. Starting with monastic brewing then home brewing (particularly in S.W. Wales) and the rise ...

The History of Andrew Buchanís Rhymney Brewery

A comprehensive and well illustrated history of this famed South Wales brewery. From itís conception by the Rhymney Iron Company, itís expansion under Andrew Buchan and other managers, difficult time...

Cardiff Pubs and Breweries

A book which perhaps concentrates more on breweries than pubs, it describes the Welsh social and political pressures that breweries were operating in about a century ago, before going onto the Cardi...

Loyalty Pays, a History of the United Clubs Brewer

Founded in 1919 by the CIU as a reaction against the established breweries it catered for the South Wales clubs trade. Survived the Slump, the War and difficult trading in the '70s changing name to Cr...

Whitbread in South Wales - A History.

In 1966 Whitbread took over Rhymney Breweries the largest brewery in South Wales and the following year took over the wonderfully names Evans Evans Bevans Brewery; in 1969 the 2 companies were merged ...