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Sur la route des bieres du Nord-Pas de Calais

Well illustrated guide to 25 breweries in this region of northern France. Each brewery entry gets about 4 pages of attractive photos of the brewery/bar/beers etc with a description and history, plus a...

La Biere en Lorraine

(in French)...The Lorraine region of France was one of the biggest beer centres in the country in the early 20th century, with famous names such as Brasseries de la Meuse, Vezelise and Champigneulles ...

La Bière en Alsace.

(in French) - A quality book, superbly illustrated chronicling the history of brewing, the former breweries of Alsace, today’s breweries and the culture of beer - advertising, ceremonies, pubs, label...

Stenay-Le musée européen de la Biere.

(in French) Celebrates the European Museum of Beer in Stenay, outlines the brewing tradition of Lorraine, describes the museum buildings & their origins and illustrates the colourful displays of brewe...

Lorraine - La Route de la Biere.

(in French) - Well illustrated brief history of the once large brewing industry in Lorraine and guide through the former brewing towns & their remains; plus museums....

Brasseurs et Bières en Nord.

(in French) - Well illustrated fairly simple guide to the current breweries of Northern France giving brief history, description of beers and notes on each. Preceded by very short history of beer and ...

Beers of France

A thorough survey of the current (in 1998) breweries and beers of France.In order of brewery name- each brewery briefly described then their beers (mostly bottled) are critically assessed. Book introd...
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Brasseries en Cambr�sis, Nord.

(in French) Attractive guide to 3 trails round old former breweries around Cambrai in the Nord region of France....

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Bieres & Collections

The reference book for researching former (& current) French brewery history; in effect the French equivalent of "Century of British Brewers". In 3 main sections - 1st lists all the names of the Frenc...

Brasserie et Malteries, Nord – Pas-de-Calais.

in French This excellent volume arose from a regional government survey into the remains of 330 odd breweries & maltings in this N. France region. The bulk of the book contains the results of the surv...