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The current display is a selection of British and European medium-size Beer Signs

NOTE : These signs are reproductions - they are NOT original signs, but are accurate reproductions. 

These signs reproducmce famous adverts for beer, breweries, whisky and absinthe from the British Isles (England, Scotland and Ireland), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and USA.

The advertising signs sold here are reproductions from manufacturers such as Heart of Ireland/Signs of the Times, CartExpo, Robert Opie Trading.

  • The Signs sizes range from:-
  • Fridge Magnets size = 6 x 8 cm
  • Minature signs size = 8 x 11 cm
  • Postcard sized signs = 10x15cm
  • Medium sized signs = 20 x 30 cm
  • Larger signs are 40 x 60 cm  and 55 x 40 cm and 50 x 35 cm sizes

The signs are Embossed around the major areas of the signs for the Medium signs and also for the Larger signs. The other sizes aren't embossed, just flat.


The sizes are nominally for the larger sizes.

The reproduction Guinness advertising signs on this website are produced by Heart of Ireland BPPM-GmbH in Germany under licence from Guinness & Co.