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London Brewed

sub-titled 'A Historical Directory of the Commercial Brewers of London from circa 1650'. This mammo...
£19.95 £15.00

Manchester Pubs - the Stories Behind the Doors - City Centre

Guide to pubs in Manchester city centre - their histories, their people and many illustrations by pa...

Here's Tae Us - A Social History of Drinking in Edinburgh

This concise booklet explores an important aspect of Edinburgh life - brewing and drink. There a...

Mud, Sweat and Beers

Sub-titled "A Cultural History of Sport and Alcohol", this book examines the changing bond between a...

Beers of France

A thorough survey of the current (in 1998) breweries and beers of France.In order of brewery name- e...
£11.95 £5.00

The Great North East Brewery Guide

This guide profiles 35 independent breweries in the North East. Each brewery gets 2 to 4 pages desc...


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